(BARÚS) Greek; Heavy Weight

We are American Bully breeders / trainers located in beautiful Columbus, OH.

Our objective is to build the best American Bullys from the ground up.  We specialize in Daxline / Gottiline, Pocket Bullys with none of our males over 16 inches.  Our Bully are bred for large block heads, short, stocky and compact builds with clean, lean mass and muscle tone.  Temperament is the most important trait we breed for!  Our Bully are agile, fit, energetic and love to play!  They are great with children and other dogs & live with us, not in a kennel or left caged all day.

We sell both show/breed and pet quality Bully.  They are all well socialized before coming home & guaranteed to be a positive addition to your family as well an overall productive canine citizen.

We breed for stamina; We do not breed the “extreme” versions of the American Bully.  Consistently throwing the famous two finger muzzle!  We strive to produce the shortest, heaviest, most correct and breathable dogs we can.  Anything too “extreme” or “exotic” are usually sold on a pet contract and advised not to be bred.  None of our dogs are brachycephalic.  We breed American Bully, not English or French Bulldogs!

Our dogs meet all ABKC, USBR & UCK standards.

We update our site regularly so please, check back and stay tuned for more…….

Brandon Caldwell – Owner | BARÚS KENNELS

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